From N-Level directly to Poly ….

Are you aware that starting this year, N-Level students who perform very well can go directly to a Polytechnic without having to do the O-levels? This also means that N-Level students who did badly in 2011 can opt to re-take their N-Levels this year and still stand a chance to be admitted to a Polytechnic in 2013.

The following is taken from the MOE website:

“Students who have performed very well in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE N-level examinations (expected to be among the top 10% of the Secondary 4 N(A) cohort)2 will have a new option of completing a one-year Foundation Programme (FP) at the polytechnics, instead of taking their O-Levels in Secondary 5. The FP will offer a practice-oriented curriculum taught by polytechnic faculty, using applied teaching methods. This will better prepare polytechnic-bound N(A) students for entry into relevant diploma courses.

For the first phase beginning in 2013, polytechnics will offer a total of about 1,000 FP places that would articulate into a range of diploma courses. Students will gain admission into specific diploma courses upon entry to the FP and continue on to these diplomas if they complete their FPs satisfactorily. The FP could be expanded over time to cover more diploma programmes and offer more places.”

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