JC 1 General Paper Reflections …

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Last night we covered the following items:

For Paper 1: (a) Selection of essay qn based on personal strength and preparation; (b) sample essay outlines.

For Paper 2: (a) Intro to AQ and short exercise; (b) Vocab explanation, how to derive answer from passage, how to find relevant points frm passage for your answer.

I had a chat with a parent and I understood her concerns abt her son in relation to GP. Yes, GP is a demanding subject. You need to have good (i) qn analysis skills, (ii) brainstorming skills, (iii) essay writing skills (intro, body, conclusion), (iv) demonstration of maturity, (v) use of language including grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and style, (vi) inference skills, (vii) summary skills and other skills such as synthesis and evaluation.



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