Essay Revision Package for Economics (for sale)

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These are sets of H2/H1 Economics model essays, essay outlines or solutions to case studies actually used by students from top JCs to get A’s in the A-Level Econs exams, sorted according to topics.

Essay Revision Package:

(1) Price Mechanism & Elasticity; (8 essays); Price: $5.

(2) Firms, Profit Maximization & Market Structure; (abt 55 essays); Price: $25

(3) Market Failure & Government Intervention; (abt 70 essays) Price: $30

(4) Economic Growth & Government Policies; (abt 30 essays) Price: $15

More topics coming soon!

For latest list, click on Econs Revision Package.

To order, call or sms to 97860411. Self-collect at Singapore Learner’s office at Bukit Batok Central.

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