My (our) students’ O-Level (2012) results released in 2013

Ok la, this year I shall break tradition by posting whichever results my last year’s students inform me of. One has just come in. I will update throughout the week as I get more results (sometimes students are just forgetful).

Physics: Luke, A2 (from b4 avg, failed in sec 3 (his mum just told me), St Pat’s sch, Farkhanda, B3 (from fail avg)

Chemistry (under Mr Anthony): Charmaine A2; Bandar A2; Luke, B3; Farkhanda, B4. (from fail avg)

Science: Ben, B3.

A. Math: Ameerul, C5 (from fail avg, Yuhua sec); Loges, B3 (from C5-C6 avg, ACS(I)); Ravin, B3 (from fail avg); Rahim, B3 (from C5-C6 avg); Jin Yong, A1 (from B4 avg); Farkhanda, B3 (from fail avg).

Math: Ali Zul, B3 (from C5-C6 avg); Colin, B3 (from C5)

This year, I shall also break tradition in another way, by posting a testimonial from a student, Ravin. Below is the exact words that he smsed to me at 10.06 am on 11 Jan 2013:

“My plan is to do engineering. More to aerospace or aeronautical. I will put my first few choices as that the rest I’m still thinking. Last choice will be MI. Yes Mr Ilyasa, a lot of improvement. I did not put in a lot of effort for A-math and my sci in secondary school. In fact I was failing but I’m happy to see that I got Bs and A for my math and sci but it’s really disappointing to see a 6 for EL. Thank you for your help Mr Ilyasa. You make lesson so fun and you taught me a lot. : ) “

Well, he taught me a lot too.

Waiting for more updates from more students …..

Ilyasa, M.Ed., PGDE, full-time tutor, ex-sch teacher (h/p: 97860411)

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