JC 2/1 H2/H1 A-Level Economics Tuition for 2013


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(1) JC2 H2 Economics: (Investment amt: $320 per month)

Sat 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

(2) JC2 H1 Economics: (Investment amt: $320 per month)

Sun 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm;

(3) JC1 H2 Economics: (Investment amt: $320 per month)

(upon request)

(4) JC1 H1 Economics: (Investment amt: $320 per month)

(upon request)



Location: Blk 627 Bukit Batok Central #07-640

Tutor(s): Mr Jay Lim, Master of International Management, ex-banker, experienced full-time tutor.

Content: A-Level micro and macro economics, directed readings, case studies, examples from real life and current affairs.

Focus: How to score in economics essays, must-have skills for handling economics case studies, metacognition in economics, thinking the economists’ way.

Class Size: 2-6 students

To register, kindly call, or send an sms to 97860411, indicating the Student Name, Subject and Level.

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