Some news about JC rankings, postings, cut-off points in 2013 and A-Level results of 2012

I did post the list of JC cut-off points in 2012. However, u’d find that for 2013, the cut-off points and thus rankings will be slightly different. The official list from the MOE will be out next year, but here I will list some of my recent discoveries based on feedback from past students who enter JC this year.

(1) It seems that NYJC has outranked AJC in terms of cut-off points for their Science courses, as I know of students who applied to NYJC science as first choice but got posted to AJC instead.

(2) PJC may have outranked JJC in the same manner above, but I think they are still one above the other in the rankings by cut-off points.

(3) I will post more if I hear more.

But how about the rankings of JCs based on results? Well, for 2012, I have a credible source informing me that RI produced about 600 students with 4 As in their H2 subjects, while the second most successful JC, VJC, produced about 300 and HCI produced about 200. There is a large gap between RI and HCI at the A-levels and I believe I know why. I also feel that AJC has become less popular nowadays and I believe I know why. I’m not surprised VJC continues to do well and I believe I know the reason as I have had tutees from there too. But some of these things I shouldn’t say publicly, so if you need more info, sms me at 97860411.

At the end of the day, pls don’t be silly; it doesn’t matter much which JC you go to. It’s about yourself, get it? An A-Level cert from Yishun JC with four As is at all times superior to an A-Level cert from RI with three As. Many times, it’s easier to be a big fish in a small pond than to be a small fish in a big pond. Take my case in point; I was the top student of my primary school, an average student in RI and the bottom 5 students in my RJC class! Why? In RJC, I was placed in the ASEAN Scholars’ class (although I was perfectly Singaporean and still is) and one of my Singaporean classmates also turned out to be a President’s cum SAF Scholar; I was no match for their determination and time management skills! Fortunately, I was not the type that would let pressure get to me.

But not all of you are like that. Some of you have been top students all the while and your first failure in a test will demoralise you and your second failure will devastate you. Every year I have some tutees who are like that and I have to coach them slowly until they regain their confidence in themselves. So whether or not being in a top JC is good for you partly depends on your personality and mental strength. : )


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