Go to the type of school that caters to your strengths

Recently I met an enterprising young man who was trying to sell to me fire extinguishers. He’s studying in a polytechnic and does sales part-time. He speaks very good English so I asked him about his educational background.

He was from the Normal Academic stream and knowing himself, he felt that he wouldn’t survive another year studying for the O-levels in Sec 5. So he went to the ITE instead and eventually obtained a Higher Nitec cert which allowed him to be admitted into a local polytechnic.

This is what I’ve been trying to tell some parents. If, after so many years, your child still cannot sit still to study, please don’t force him or her to do the O-levels or the A-levels. There are so many pathways to success, including academic success, in Spore now. And there’s no shame in going to the ITE to pick up a vocational skill; the ITE is not a lesser school compared to a JC or an IP school. It’s just a different kind of school where you can acquire a different set of useful skills.





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