Full-time Fresh Graduate Tutor Needed for Primary Level

If you are a fresh graduate and you have a passion for teaching and tutoring and enjoy coaching children, and you have decided that your long term career will be in the education industry, you are welcomed to apply to join Singapore Learner to expand its services.

You must have been schooled in Singapore and recently graduated from a local university (if you only have A-Levels or a Poly Diploma you are also encouraged to apply). You will be required to teach Pri English, Math and Science, prepare materials and worksheets, and to assist the Principal Tutor in administrative work.

You must be able to work on weekends and three weekdays. The work place is very near West Mall, the Bt Batok bus interchange as well as the MRT station.

If interested, please send your resume/CV to principal@singaporelearner.com. Website: http://www.singaporelearner.com

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