Unlimited Tuition Pass …

Some of my existing students are so weak in their Math or Physics that they have to come thrice in a week. For such students I have also offered to them an unlimited tuition pass, with no additional fees. So students at Singapore Learner who have paid to come for at least thrice a week can actually come as many as times as they want, since exams are so near and some of them also can’t study elsewhere due to the presence of distractions.

I think some S4 and S5 students who have not revised their work are also not benefitting academically from attending school nowadays, especially if the school keeps giving mock exam papers and just briefly going through the answers. Such students would need intensive topical revision, not the doing of more and more exam papers. But I understand that the school has to cater to the needs of the majority. But I wonder if such students would be allowed to skip school and go somewhere else to study at their own pace, or with their tutors instead.

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