Yay, my P6 student made a big improvement in her Math

Congratulations to Victoria Ng for obtaining 73% for her PSLE Math Prelim Paper as compared to just 43% for her P6 Math SA1. This is also the first time she has passed Math in P6.

Although she was a comparatively weak Math student, I allowed her to join my Sat morning Challenging PSLE Math Programme for Medium to High Ability Students as I believe that most students will benefit from the exposure to the tough questions that I give.

I adopt a metacognitive approach in all my teaching, making students think about their own solutions and making them compare their solutions with those of others and my own. In this way, they will learn the most efficient method to solve a particular type of problem. They will also learn about their natural way of thinking, and how the latter may not be the best approach for some problems.

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