Some news about jc postings and cut-off points 2014

I’m happy that most of my ex-S4s have obtained places in the courses they want. One even got a scholarship to do a poly course, upon my advice, instead of going to a JC. Of those who opt to go to JCs, most are in either PJC, AJC, JJC, ACJC, NJC, AJC, YJC or HCI.

From them and some JC teachers, it seems that the Science stream cut-off point (COP) for some JCs is as follows:

PJC: 14, AJC: 8, JJC: 14/15/16 (nobody seems to be sure), ACJC: 5 (really?), NJC: 5 or 6, HCI: should still be 3, YJC: 18.

PJC and JJC are always trying to outrank each other, and I believe this time PJC emerges the winner. The problem about PJC is I think it’s name. “Pioneer” is not associated with anything prestigious in Spore. I think if it had been named Sheares Junior College or even Bukit Panjang JC it would stand a better chance of tightening its COP.

Similarly, I think ACJC, CJC, SAJC and AJC are popular choices partly because of their fanciful names. Imagine ACJC is renamed Dover JC or AJC is renamed AMK JC; I think they will lose a lot of potential applicants. So even if every JC is a good JC, not every JC has a good name.

Please remember that even if you have been posted to a less popular JC, you still stand a good chance to get four or three H2 grade As at the A-levels. So quickly settle down and start studying for your Promo exams. Yes, I’m serious; you may ignore my advice at your own risk.



LATEST:  I think PJC has outranked JJC this year, because I have a new J1 tutee who scored 14 points but could not get into PJC and instead was given JJC. Also heard from a new J1 tutee that quite a number of her schoolmates in AJC are appealing to enter NYJC. This may mean that in terms of COP, NYJC has outranked AJC again.


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