Yay, my jc1 h2 physics student scored 35/40 for his first test

Getting 35/40 for a physics test at sec 4 level is already very good, but getting this score for a h2 physics test is really an achievement. He said the test was easy, yet some of his classmates failed the test, on measurement and kinematics. These two topics may sound very familiar to those who have done O-level physics, but if you are an a-level physics student you would know that these two topics are much harder than their o-level counterparts. But his success doesn’t come as a big surprise to me, as he started his jc1 physics tuition on 9 Feb this year, soon after getting his jc posting. But why so early?

I guess he and his dad (who came to speak to me) understood that the content for jc subjects is very heavy and rigorous, and doing well in jc is all about preparation and consistency. The a-level cert is a passport to a university education, and thus getting good a-level grades is very important, much more important than getting good grades at the PSLE. Yet, if you’ve been in the tuition industry long enough, you’d have noticed that parents and students are more concerned about performance at the PSLE than at other levels.

Tuition for any examination for most kids has never been necessary. But if the examination that you’d be taking is just one step away from a university education and for some reason you are not confident of making it on your own, then I think it makes sense to get help early.



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