Ad hoc tuition seems quite popular

I’ve been quite surprised by the response to my offer of ad hoc tuition for math and physics. This is the first year I’m allowing it and I had expected, the bulk of the calls were from parents of students in the integrated programme.

There may be a few reasons for this. First, IP students may be too busy to commit to regular weekly tuition. Second, they can’t fit in anywhere else as most learning centres only cater to mainstream students. Finally, IP students are generally academically bright and only need coaching in certain topics.

The IP students so far who have made multiple bookings to consult me are from NJC, HCI, NYGH and RGS. I did ask them or their parents on what they look out for when choosing a tutor: (1) travelling distance, (2) experience in teaching IP students, (3) ability to teach at JC level, (4) reasonable fees.

The non-IP students who have booked multiple slots tend to be those who did very badly in their recent MYEs and their parents wish them to revise all their fundamentals. That, I must say, is a wise decision, especially for sec 1 or sec 2 students who have done badly in their math exams.


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