Next week’s free tuition: P5 Math (Sat, 23 Aug, 11am – 12.30 pm)

Every week starting next week, I will choose a particular level and subject and give free coaching on one of its fundamental topics so that weak students can move on and hopefully catch up with others. Without grasping these fundamentals or knowing good techniques, these students will be left far behind and may eventually end up hating the subject.



Topic: Problem Sums involving Fraction/Ratio/Percentage with whole units being transferred.

Date:  Sat 23 Aug.

Time:  11:00 am – 12.30 pm

Location: Blk 627, Bukit Batok Central. (It is just a 3-min walk from either the Bukit Batok MRT station or the Bukit Batok bus interchange. Buses that stop along the road in front of Blk 627 are numbers 157, 178, 66, 506, 173, 174, 176, 187, 941, 947, 985)

Total Fee: NIL

Max. no. of students:  8

Synopsis: Students will learn an efficient method (USM) to solve problems like: The ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in a room is 3:2. After 12 boys leave the room and 12 girls enter the room, the ratio has now become 1:2. How many girls are there in the room at the end?

Tutor: Mr Ilyasa (ex-sch teacher, M.Ed, PGDE, B.Sc).

A former MOE school teacher, Mr Ilyasa has been coaching students in ‘A’ Level & IB Physics and Mathematics for more than 6 years, as well as ‘O’ Level & IP Physics, Additional Math, E. Math and PSLE Math for more than 10 years. An alumnus of RI and RJC, Mr Ilyasa holds both a Master of Education degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Credit from the National Institute of Education, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from the National University of Singapore.

To register, sms <Student Name><Free P5M> to 97860411.


For any queries, you may talk directly to Mr Ilyasa at 97860411.

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