Suggested answers to GCE O Level 2014 Math (4016) Paper 1 (via crowdanswering)


1) sqrt (0.48), 0.702, 27/38, 0.61

2) 3.90 swiss francs

3a) 629.25

3b) 630

4) 47.9 deg or 132.1 deg (or 0.836 rad or 2.31 rad)

5) zero hours not offered; the choices given for the intervals for the number of hours spent are not continuous; time limit, such as per day or per week, not set.

6) – 1/3 (corrected)

7) 112

8) 79.4%

9a) 1000

9b) 200%

10a) 32 sec

10b) 7.5 sec

11) $78.50

12) x = 3 cm, y = 5 cm, z = 15 cm

13) $7500

14a) 1/3 (b a)

14b) vector DC cannot be expressed as k(vector OA), so vectors DC and OA are not parallel.

15a) Two circles overlapping

15b) {4,6,7,8,9,10,11}

16a) 3b^5/2a

16b) (8x-5)/(x-3)^2

17a) a = 5, b = 19, c = 26

17b) 7n – 2

c) There is no integer value of n such that 7n-2 = 109

18a) 8  11/18 m/s

18b) 9 min 43 sec

19a) graph curves upwards, passes thru origin

19b) s = 2.25 t^2

19c) 2.98 sec

20a) 1/4

20b) 1/16

20c) 55/64

21ai) (2.6 4.3 6.8) as in 3×1 matrix

21aii) E = (151.4 135.4) as in 2×1 matrix

21aiii) It represents the masses of the coins saved by Lin and Hadi respectively

21b) (10 20 100) as in 3×1 matrix

22) $644.17

23a) 314 cm^2

23b) 5 cm by 7 cm by 11 cm

23c) 42

24a) 9(x-1)

24b) 57 cm

24c) 196 cm^2

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Suggested answers to GCE O Level 2014 Math (4016) Paper 2




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20 Responses to Suggested answers to GCE O Level 2014 Math (4016) Paper 1 (via crowdanswering)

  1. Lee says:

    qn 6 should be -1/3. The question was 4×64^n=1.

  2. Lee says:

    What was the question for 22?

  3. n says:

    for question 2, the question gave the swiss francs currency in 3dp. should my answer follow the 3dp as stated, or 3sf?

    • admin says:

      The rule for Math papers is that if the answer (other than angles and bearings) is exact (terminates), leave it as it is, even if it is more than 3dp. If the answer is irrational (a non-terminating and non-recurring decimal), give it in 3SF.

  4. Siti says:

    For qn 23b, is it okay if i wrote the ans as 11cm by 7cm by 5cm?

  5. Gary says:

    For the pendant qs why is the answer $644.17? Shouldn’t the answer be $644.16?

    • admin says:

      I’m not able to answer as I don’t know the question. All these answers I’ve put up are obtained from various students. It’ll be good if someone can remember the question and put it up here. For money problems, all working should be in more than 2 dp so that the final answer can be in 2 dp if not exact. But if exact must be left as it is, even if it is $644.1645 for example.

  6. Franco says:

    I believe the arrangement for qs 1 is wrong XD

  7. jiaying says:

    the working got mark? if the answer calculate worngly

    • admin says:

      If it’s a 1 mark question, no marks for working. Similarly for questions that begin with “State”.

  8. Yng choo says:

    IF this is correct.I am gonna die die liao.Two question wrong,what is wrong with me ….. For english paper that was a nightmare.I was having a favor.I dunno what I was doing and felt like I was in the Fire. Luckily I still finished whole paper but it must be …….Jesus Christ o level die already. For writing section C I did not understand my chose topic correctly so the 30 marks will gone.Cannot imagine what my parents would do when results release.Dont have any confidence to continue following exam liao…..die die .

  9. Jen says:

    For question 16(a) the answer stated is 3b^5/2a. I wrote 3/2 a^-1 b^5. It’s essentially the same answer, just in a different form. Do you think they’ll minus mark for this? This question is 1 mark. It asks to simplify the expression.

    • admin says:

      Yes, you will not get the full mark. In general, there should be no negative powers in math answers. An expression that has a negative power is not considered simplified.

  10. -- says:

    Shouldn’t the ans for 18b be 9.44? Cause it should be rounded up so that the train passes by the tunnel in full..

    • admin says:

      You mean 9 min 44 sec? Pls note 9.44 min is not equal to 9 min 44 sec. Anyone can post the question here? Thank you.

  11. -- says:

    Yes , 9min 44sec

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