Yay, at least two from my PSLE Science class obtained A* for Science

I normally don’t ‘kay poh’ about my students’ results so I just wait for people to tell me. So I was pleased when two of my Science tutees informed me that they each got A* for Science, something I believe is harder to achieve than the same grade for Math. Hope for more good news tomorrow when I meet the students attending my Sec 1 Algebra class.

My own daughter has qualified for most of the schools in my list of top 30 (List of ‘Top’ Secondary Schools (2014) in Singapore by Cut-Off PSLE aggregate score (2013) ) so we are now having a headache again as to which school she should go to. Since I’m ok with any school in the list, it boils down to two things only: (1) distance from home and (2) her personal feelings about the school.

If she chooses a non-IP school, I will create an Integrated Programme for her and students like her, so that she will be as prepared as, if not more prepared than, the IP students if she eventually decides to go to a JC. Yes, since IP tuition is so messy due to different curricula, I will discuss with my JC Math and Science tutors about designing and conducting a Advanced Integrated Programme (AIP), with only excelling in the A-levels as its main objective, starting from Sec 1, in a progressive yet rigorous manner; we will only teach what is directly or indirectly demanded by the A-Level exams.

Anyway, my eldest daughter will be doing her O-levels next year and I would have to prepare for her a bridging course to close the gap between non-IP students and IP students.


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