Sec 1 Posting Exercise 2014-2015

My daughter will get her posting tomorrow. I hope she gets her first choice school as it is the nearest good school to our home. If she does, all three daughters will be in different schools for the first time in our family. Thus in 2015, I may end up driving to 4 different schools in the morning, as my wife is teaching in a school which our children are not old enough to attend.

I would like to wish all the best to all who will be receiving their Sec 1 posting tomorrow. If you get the school you want, good for you. If you don’t, stop being sad and get on with life. Sec 1 is just the beginning of yet another long journey. It is more important that you are prepared for Sec 1 than getting the school that you or your parents want. Remember, the end is more important than the beginning. Which ever school you start with, you will still end up taking the same A-levels, IB exams or the SAT. You can do well in whichever school you go to if you work smart and stay focused.



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