One Way of Choosing JC Subject Combinations: Begin with the end in mind

Step 1:  Choose the Course in a local university that you want.

Step 2: Check out the university’s Indicative Grade Profile (IGP) to estimate your chances of getting into the course, or how much effort you need to put in to get the minimum grades (eg. AAA/A is needed for Law in NUS, so you’d have to work very, very hard).

Step 3: Check out the University’s Course Pre-Requisites so that you know which A-Level subjects are mandatory requirements for that university course (eg. H2 Chemistry is compulsory for Medicine):

Step 4: Decide whether you’d want to do 4 H2 subjects or 3H2 and 1 H1. If you want a prestigious scholarship go for 4 H2s.

Step 5: Check whether the subject combination you want is available in your JC.

Step 6: If unsure, choose PCME.

Step 7: If still unsure, go to Step 6.


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(6) Our JC1 H2 CHEMISTRY, MATH & PHYSICS classes will start on Sun 14 Feb

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