Yay, last year’s O-level intensive revision for E Math DID have an impact

I thought of not conducting the above this year as the same course last year attracted only 3 students. It was a four day, 3 hr course conducted in early October. Maybe the timing was not right, or something like that. However I did my best, explaining ALL the important E Math concepts in 12 hours, clearly and concisely. I conducted the course because I reckoned that there WOULD be S4 or S5 students who needed a crash course in E Math, which is a VERY IMPORTANT subject as a fail in it would mean you will be NOT be accepted into most post-O-level courses.

However, last night I received a call from a parent whose son was one of the three above (she was looking for math tuition for her younger son). She said the course benefitted her elder son greatly such that he was able to obtain a B3, despite doing very badly in the subject at school. Thus I’m now more motivated to re-launch the course later this year. Hope it will benefit some students again.


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