Question Type Analysis for the GENERAL PAPER

Stressed over preparations? Fret not with this short but succinct write up on question type analysis. Learning how to differentiate the different varieties of questions will help to mould your answer to what the examiner is looking out for. This list is in no way exhaustive and seeks to mainly cover the most commonly encountered types.

  • Analyse
    1. Breakdown the argument into components
    2. Look deeper into potential and underlying issues
    3. Detect areas of correlation


  • Assess /To what extent/How far
    1. To what extent do you find the statement to be true/fair/justified?
    2. A non-biased weighing of both sides will be required
    3. Remember to take a stand by the end


  • Discuss
    1. Debate with Pros and Cons
    2. Show reasoning and logical development of ideas
    3. Define the context to avoid dealing with too many issues


  • Evaluate
    1. Pick a stand and determine how far it should be justified in thinking in that manner
    2. Evaluation means going further than just agreeing and disagreeing but why it should be seen in that manner


  • How important
    1. Weigh both sides with cost/benefit analysis


  • Consider/Is there any point
    1. Given your current understanding/observations, provide reasons for your opinions
    2. Identify contentious areas

The best way to train yourself in dealing with different question types is through practice. Start learning and developing your preference early in the year to avoid overwhelming yourself late in the year.

Gerald Chew

  • Mr Chew is a BBA (Hons) graduate from the National University of Singapore Business school. He is also an ACCA affiliate after completing the ACCA examinations with a specialisation in audit and performance management. He has been teaching General Paper for over 6 years. Gerald always aims to shore up his students’ foundation in order to help them logically solve problems. He is a firm believer in engaging students on their level in order to enhance their understanding of current affairs and their implications. At Singapore Learner, Gerald offers classes for General Paper, English, Accounting, Management of Business and Economics. For details, click on A-LEVEL | JC | GENERAL PAPER TUITION.

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