Haze seems strong today; PSI reading quite high. What if MOE closes schools again?

When schools were closed last Friday, some parents had no choice but to still send their children to school. We suppose it’s not too bad if the child’s school is near home. For those whose schools are further away, they will still be heavily exposed to the haze. For those who stay at home, conditions are not ideal for them if there is no air-conditioning, no adult supervision or no internet access to do online learning.

In view of the above, our learning centre can help students living in or near Bukit Batok during this difficult period. If schools are asked to close again, students may come to our centre instead, at no charge, where there is adult supervision, air-conditioning and internet access, from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm. To utilise this free service, all you need to do is to sms Student Name and Time of Arrival to 97860411, as we are not sure how many would want to come and our resources are limited; we can only accommodate about 30 students.

We hope the haze will disappear real soon and that things will return to normalcy.



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