Yay, my FMSS student got 90% for his Sec 1 Science SA2

Today I received good news during tuition class from Afiq; he obtained 90/100 for Science. That is amazing given that the lower sec science class is hard to conduct as different schools have different lower sec science syllabus. In fact most tuition centres do not provide S1 or S2 Science tuition.

The trick in lower sec science is to do upper sec science questions, but you must select the topics and questions carefully as the two syllabi overlap only partially. Like my S1 daughter, Afiq also reads upper sec science textbooks, as lower sec science books are not rigorous enough.

There is one problem though; I can’t teach the Bio parts. For the Bio parts, I let them read good materials and then attempt questions. It works because Bio is not as mentally challenging as Chemistry or Physics, and also because I make them read upper sec Bio books.

I’m now planning for Sec 2 Science headstart as well as our strategies for next year. Certainly I would want Afiq and my daughter to excel in Science again next year, especially since it would be their streaming year. It is important to be able to do at least two Pure Science subjects in Sec 3.



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