Yay, my Sec2 NYGH student improved her math grade

It is quite common for Y1 and Y2 NYGH students to do badly in math, or poorer than their usual math standard when they were doing their psle, largely due to inability to adapt fast to arithmetic involving negative numbers and algebra, coupled with the high level of difficulty set in NYGH tests and exam papers.

So when N came to me in the middle of this year, I gave her a worksheet and from her workings I could tell that she was quite careless, her algebra was not strong, and she had problems with geometrical questions, such as those dealing with similar triangles.

So we worked on those, starting from fundamentals and moving on to harder questions. Her humility and willingness to learn helped her a lot, unlike some IP students I’ve tutored before (dealing with parents of IP students can also be quite difficult).

For Nov & Dec, I’ve moved her slot to Saturday 1.30 pm – 3.15 pm, starting 7 Nov 2015. It will be a HEADSTART class for S3 Math and I will be focusing on TRIGONOMETRY. If you are currently in Sec 2 (IP or non-IP) and you wish to master Trigonometry, I strongly encourage you to join this class. If you are interested, you can sms STUDENT NAME and S3Trigo to 97860411. The fee for this special headstart class is $200 for 4 sessions. We will start on 7 Nov.




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