Was A. Math Paper 1 (2015) difficult?

Yes, according to some students. Some said it was “harder than expected”. One couldn’t do Q4 properly and another gave up on Q6. These are some of the chatter that reached me. Well, if you think you had done badly in P1, then please be more careful tomorrow. And DO NOT PRACTISE ANY A.MATH TONIGHT.

Anyway, even if you didn’t too well in A. Math, you still can get A for math in JC, provided you start early. So if you intend to go to JC and take up Math (H2 or H1), and your sec math is always around A2-B4, then I would encourage you to attend our JC Math Headstart or Bridging classes this Nov or Dec. Please remember that IP students have already learnt some JC Math in Sec 4, so you’d have some catching up to do even if you had done well in any O-Level Math.

Our JC1 H2 Math Headstart classes will commence on Sun 15 Nov or Sat 21 Nov. You can find more details here: Our JC & Secondary Headstart Programmes 2015-2016. “Early bird” sign-ups will of course be given discounts. You can also sms your queries to 97860411. Thank you.


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