Some tips for tmr’s H2 Math Paper 2 2015

(1) DO NOT PRACTISE DOING ANY MATH QUESTION TODAY. If you have been doing since morning, you must stop now. Else your brain would not have enough rest for tmr’s paper and you will get a mental block during the exam.

(2) Revise MI by reading the 5-step procedure. In MI, the statements you write are important, such as “Let Pn be the statement ….”, “Hence Pk is true => Pk+1 is true” and “Therefore by …., Pn is true for all n ……”. Revise also your factorial and log as well as some number patterns so as to recall how to do recursion and conjecture questions. Revise summation also.

(3) Revise Plane vectors, especially conversion of plane equations from one form to the other, or simply how to use each type of plane equation. MAKE SURE you know how to find lines or points of intersections, how to solve problems involving reflection, projection, distance, angles etc. Don’t do questions, READ examples and memorise steps instead.

(4) For complex numbers, revise Loci, all the different types. Revise your coordinate geometry, circle properties, trigo, modulus and inequalities, so that you can solve questions involving max or min distances.

(5) Revise Diff. Equations just in case, especially HOW to form the initial differential equation using direct or inverse proportion, and how to integrate.

(6) Revise all the question types in P&C. For difficult questions with restrictions, remember to consider all the CASES, and be careful of repeated items or ring structure. When doing number of ways of selecting, is it with or without replacement and are the items distinguishable from one another? If they are put into boxes, are the boxes distinguishable from one another?

(7) Revise Conditional Probability and Set theory. Do you know that (A union B)’ = A’ intersect B’? Recall how to combine P&C with probability.

(8) Revise how to use your GC to solve Binomial and Poisson questions, and how to work BACKWARDS to get the min number of occurrences of an event to achieve a given probability. Recall all the conditions of Binomial and Poisson, including how the latter can approximate the former, as well as how to combine independent Poisson variables and how to calculate or combine Exp and Var.

(9) Revise how to use your GC to solve Normal Distr questions, and how to work BACKWARDS to get the value of a variable to achieve a given probability. Recall all the conditions under which Normal can approx. Binomial or Poisson, and how to do Continuity Correction. Revise how to calculate the Exp and Var of combined Normal variables (X+Y), and the difference between “three independent normal variables eg. X1+X2+X3” and “three times a normal variable eg. 3X”. AT ALL TIMES WRITE THE DISTRIBUTION OF YOUR RANDOM VARIABLES CAREFULLY AND CLEARLY, BEFORE you start using your GC to calculate probabilities.

(10) Revise all the methods of Sampling (eg what is the difference between stratified and quota sampling?), and the distribution of the sample mean. Recall the CLT, and remember that when using CLT, you do NOT do continuity correction.

(11) Revise all the question types of Hypothesis Testing, and how to conclude a test, and how to work BACKWARDS to find values (eg mean, variance or level of significance) to achieve a given test result (eg. h0 is already given as rejected or not rejected). Remember to ask: Is the population Normal? Is the population variance known? Is the sample size large? Recall how to calculate the unbiased estimator of the population variance using the sample variance, and WHEN to use the t-test instead. In the rare case of Unknown Distribution yet sample size is small, then most probably the question expects you to make an assumption about the distribution, which is usually asked at the last part of the question.

(12) For Correlation, recall the different meanings of the values of r and how to sketch scatter diagrams. For Linear Regression, remember that (x bar, y bar) lie on both regression lines and recall all your previous knowledge of straight line graphs including Linear Law.

All the best for your exams tomorrow!



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