Important to attend Pre-School

I once tutored a P6 girl who had failed almost every test and exam on English, Math and Science since her lower primary years. When I probed further, I discovered that she did not attend any kind of pre-school and also did not receive any kind of academic help from those who took care of her at home.

As a result, due to near-zero knowledge of English, she could hardly understand anything taught in P1, and was often asked to sit at the back of the class as teachers could not help her much. What some parents don’t understand is that Singapore’s P1 standard of English and Math is quite high, as P1 teachers often expect students to have learnt the English alphabet, simple English words, single digit numbers as well as addition and subtraction while in pre-school.

Students who don’t attend pre-school normally end up doing Foundation subjects in upper primary, doing badly in the PSLE and then posted to the Normal Technical stream in secondary school where they will still continue to perform poorly in academic tests and exams due to poor command of the English language.

Thus it has become my mission to provide pre-school education to any student who is not receiving any, if I know who and where they are. Since I’d have to start somewhere, I will begin looking in Bukit Batok first as it is where my learning centre is situated. Hence if you are aware of any child living in or near Bukit Batok and not attending pre-school and not getting any academic help at home to prepare for P1, kindly let me know so that I can look into the matter.

I can be contacted at 97860411. Do help me to help the next generation of Singaporeans.



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