Yay, my J1 H2 Physics tutee topped his class in recent test

Even though half his class failed the h2 physics test, my tutee obtained 76.7 %.  Not too bad for a first-time taker of a h2 physics test, as h2 physics is significantly more challenging than O-Level Physics, which some would have discovered by now.

Still, H2 Physics is NOT H3 and not Olympiad Physics, so there is no good reason why any JC1 student cannot obtain even a pass grade in a h2 physics test or exam.

To do well in Physics, a student must ensure the following:

(1) UNDERSTAND each physics concept well by first READING about the concept and then PRACTISING solving A LOT OF PHYSICS questions to deepen your understanding about the concept.

(2) MEMORIZE all the necessary definitions and COMMON CORRECT EXPLANATIONS to save time during a test or exam.

(3) To remember to APPLY MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS to solve difficult physics problems, such as problems involving unusual graphs and unfamiliar equations.

(4) To read each question CAREFULLY so as to answer the question accurately and precisely and to minimize careless  mistakes.



(hp: 97860411)

LATEST (5/5):  He scored 29/30 in his 2nd phy test and topped the class again.

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