Retaking A-Levels for Private Candidates

This is a 8-month programme. Ideally you should enrol in March. If you can start in January, please do so as the A-Levels is a rigorous exam.

Subjects currently offered: H2 Math, H2 Physics, H1 Math, H1 Physics.

Note that if you are a private candidate re-taking the A-Levels, to get into a local university like NUS or NTU, you will only need to do GP and 3 H2 subjects. Total 4 subjects. You don’t need to redo your H1 content subject or PW or MT.

Although you will need to do 4 subjects at the A-Levels, at Singapore Learner Academy, you can choose to sign up for less than 4 subjects if you feel that you can study the remaining subjects by yourself.

Fee Matters:

The fee per month (including October) for each subject is $360. Fees are due in the first week of each month.

One-time Registration Fee for each student is $20.

Materials fee (photocopying, notes, graph paper etc) per NON-SCIENCE subject is $90 for the whole course.

Materials fee (photocopying, notes, graph paper, science lab consumables etc) per SCIENCE subject is $350 for the whole course.

A Deposit equivalent to one-month’s fee is payable upon registration. (This Deposit will be used as fee for October)

Total Fee payable at point of Registration: [$20] + [$90 x (number of Non-Science subjects)] + [$350 x (number of Science subjects)]+ [$360 x (number of subjects) x 2 (due to deposit)].

Total fee in a normal month = $360 x (number of subjects)

Parents/students will be also be informed of any books which need to be purchased. Students are also expected to have their own writing materials and calculator.

Administrative and Operational Matters:

Education days: Mon to Thurs, except public holidays and government school holidays (No lessons during Mar and Sep school holidays, and for two weeks in June)

Education hours: 10.30 am to 12.00 pm, 15-min break, 12.15 am to 1.45 pm, 15-min break, 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm. Students will do two to three different subjects each day.

Education calendar: In terms of weeks, terms, months and semester of study as well as no-lesson days, SLA generally follows the same academic calendar as those of government secondary schools and junior colleges in Singapore, so that families and staff with children in public secondary schools can better align their social activities. However, graduating students may be asked to attend extra lessons in the June holidays.


Registration is now open for the 2018 intake. To register, please visit Singapore Learner to fill up a registration form and to make the necessary payments.

Our administrative opening hours: Weekdays: 3pm to 8pm | Saturdays 11 am to 4 pm. Please call first if you are coming.

Contact Us: 65694897 (Office) | 98530744 (Manager) | 97860411 (Director)

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