Do you really need tuition?

In my professional opinion, you will need tuition if:

(1) You are academically “lost” in school. You lag behind so much in the learning syllabus that you need to have a parallel school running for some of your subjects. In this case, a one-to-one tuition may the most effective for you.

(2) You have some conceptual doubts for some topics and you just need someone you can consult when you are studying or revising. In this case, a Group Consultation form of tuition should be the most suitable for you. It saves you money as compared to individual tuition but you still get more individual attention than in a group tutorial.

(3) You are coping well in school and you want to learn ahead of your class. If you can do your own reading yet feel that you need to ask a mentor some questions as you learn, then a Group Consultation tuition would be ideal for you. If you learn better by listening, then attend Headstart Classes that you can find.

If you are keen to attend our tuition lessons, or you have further questions, kindly contact us at 97860411. Thank you.




Singapore Learner provides Group Tuition, Individual Tuition, Intensive Revision, Enrichment Workshops, Headstart Classes and Crash Courses at the Primary, Secondary and Junior College levels in the areas of A.Math, Pure Physics, Pure Chemistry, Science, Economics, and General Paper for the Singapore A-Levels, O-Levels and PSLE.