Habits of Effective Learners

(1)   Set yourself a high target grade for all your subjects, including those subjects you don’t like or those that you are traditionally weak in. Write the targets down somewhere and also display it prominently on a wall, to continually remind you of your primary mission in
school. Keep reminding yourself that the past does not predict the future, that you cannot change the past but you can influence the future. The future is not a place where you are going to, but a path that you are creating all the time. Everyday is a good time to begin making this path a more enjoyable and successful one.

(2)   Stay awake and alert during lessons. This can only be achieved if you have had enough sleep the night before, so aim to sleep early (by 11pm latest) and wake up early (around 5 am). If you do some research on high achievers in the world, you’d find that many of them sleep early and have an early rise (some even rise by 4 am). Staying alert and focused during lessons can only be achieved if you are not easily distracted by friends and
things on your table. It is important to listen attentively to the teacher and think about what is being said or presented. Do not daydream during lessons.

(3)   Ask questions if you don’t understand something, whether in class or after school. Ask teachers, friends and family members if you have to. You can only truly learn by asking questions. For every concept taught, ask yourself (or others) five questions: What? How? Why? When? And What If?

(4)   Always summarize for yourself what you have learnt.

(5)   Regularly reflect on the status of your knowledge and the quality of your work. Effective learners always strive to be aware of what they know and what they don’t know. Effective learners are also good at regulating their thinking as they work, by planning, monitoring and evaluating their work.

(6)   Do all your homework, because it is a good way to gauge whether you have understood all the concepts taught in class. Use homework to force yourself to refer to books and re-visit the topic taught to understand
it better.

(7)   Do lots of reading and extra reading if you can, and reflecting on what you have read. Effective learners do not just rely on the school teacher and textbook for their knowledge.

(8)   Do lots of practice questions in order to sharpen your skills in answering different types of questions. You only truly understand what you know if you can apply the knowledge to a new situation.

(9)   Stay healthy. Do not ignore your body’s physical needs, including the need for physical activity. If you are ill or easily lethargic, you will not be able to focus during learning.

(10) Have healthy relationships with others, whether at home or in school. This is because emotional issues and problems can seriously affect your learning habits. For example, if you don’t like a particular teacher, chances are, you are not going to listen to anything that that teacher says, thus reducing your learning opportunities.

Good luck!





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