I need another part/full-time admin assistant

Hi there.

My current admin assistant cum tutor will be enrolling in a uni course soon, so she can only work a few days a week. However, my business and work are expanding so I’d need another admin assistant very soon (if you can tutor as well that would be a bonus).

You should preferably be someone who is staying in Bukit Batok or nearby. You should possess at least a PSLE cert (because it is possible that you are bright but only have a PSLE cert, such as ex-IP students), and can write/type (you’d have to type letters and emails) and speak good English (you’d have to answer the phone). The only Math you’d need to know is arithmetic and percentages (this is true of most jobs, so why are students asked to learn a lot of things in Math?). Anyway, you can use a calculator in my office, so no drawings of models or number bonds please. : )

If you have at least an A-Level cert I might ask you to help me out with tutoring, so please don’t tell me you are afraid of children and teens. My home office is in a HDB flat, so if you bother about prestige don’t bother applying. The tuition rooms are air-conditioned but the office is not, and I’ll only cool the whole flat if the haze returns.

In general, you’d be taking students’ attendance, collect fees, update simple accounting records, looking up the internet for information, updating my website and doing simple marketing. Because Singapore Learner is a small business, we’d all have to multi-task. I’m not interested in your experience as I am in your resourcefulness.

The working days, hours and times can all be negotiated. I’m open to all possibilities, including that of hiring full-time staff. Your work place is very near West Mall, the Bt Batok bus interchange as well as the MRT station.

If you think you can work with me, please send your resume/CV to principal@singaporelearner.com.

There is no perfect job, or perfect boss or perfect employee. We just do what has to be done. (I don’t know why many job advertisements list a whole lot of qualities that a candidate must possess, but when I walk into the buildings of these organisations, I don’t see the kind of people that their job ads are supposed to attract).


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