Update on PSLE math and science intensive revision june 2014

I’m quite happy that to date, 6 and 5 students have signed up for my june hols psle math and science intensive revision workshops respectively. My intention was to prepare my own daughter comprehensively for psle math and science, and the classes will continue even if she is the only student.

Each 3h lesson will consist of mini-lectures to highlight the important concepts to be tested at the PSLE, short worksheets with must-know questions that the students must do, and discussions at the end to reinforce the salient points of the topic. For math, I will display different ways to solve the same problem sum so that students can select their natural method of solving math questions. For Science, I will highlight common errors in answering the structured questions.

As it is a REVISION workshop, each worksheet will have easy to hard questions, and the faster students can do more questions while the slower students will be given guidance along the way.

There will be another PSLE intensive revision in the Sep hols, but I’ve not yet decided whether it will be a repeat or a continuation of the June one.

As with the previous year, participants will be invited to attend my post-PSLE Algebra workshops sometime in Nov or Dec, for which I already have one student signed up. : )

I believe in what I do, as I’ve successfully guided my eldest daughter (and most of my students) to make the transition from lower to upper pri, from upper pri to lower sec, and from lower to upper sec, without much academic pain.

I look forward to meeting the PSLE workshop participants this June.




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