If you had done badly in your exams, don’t give up.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So I suppose a video is worth at least 3.0 x 10 ^ 8 pictures? And real life is worth at least 6.02 x 10 ^ 23 videos?

Since I may not meet you in real life, at least I can suggest that you view a video clip about not giving up, instead of just saying it right?

Ok, so here is the video. Enjoy!

You see, there are many ways to master an academic subject. Have you thought of them all? Have you tried reading several books or notes on the same topic? Have you tried asking different people to explain to you a difficult concept? Have you tried different ways of memorizing tons of facts? Have you tried different ways of thinking about something, and different ways of looking at the same thing? The worst thing to say, in any kind of venture, is, “I’ve tried everything possible.”

And it is not helpful to say “I’ve tried my best”. Because you’ll never really know when a particular action of yours is the best you can possibly achieve. “I’ve tried my best” has become more of a self-consolation than a determination to improve oneself.

As for outcomes, at the end of the day, it is really your effort that matters. We all want good outcomes, but outcomes don’t all come at once. If you think something is really worth doing, then keep doing it and improving the way you do things, then the desired outcome will eventually arrive. Of course we normally would want the desired outcome to arrive fast, but it is more important that the desired outcome comes at the right time.  : )


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