‘O’ Level Results 2013-2014

ALL THE BEST to those of you who will be receiving your ‘O’ Level results tomorrow, especially my 35 Sec4 tutees in 2013.

I will update their results here as and when they update me.

Please remember that if for some reason your results are not very good, you’d still need to get over it and move on; plan your next steps, re-strategise and take action. And if instead your results are very good, you have only become Ordinary; the battle for the ‘A’ levels or Diploma is still waiting to start.  : )




Amirah (CTSS): A. Math A1, E.Math A1 (from D7-F9);

Valerie (BPGH): A. Math B3 (from F9);

Johnson (BPGH): Physics A1 (from D7);

Ronald (BPGH): Physics A1 (from C6-D7) ;

Darren (BPGH): Physics A1 (from C6-D7);

Nirupa (SMSS):  Physics B3, Chemistry B3, A. Math B4 (all from D7-F9);

Yang Ming (Montfort): A. Math B3, Physics B3 (from E8-F9);

Hashfi (SCSS): Physics B3, A. Math B4 (from E8-F9);

Grace (NHH): Physics A2 (from prelim A2);

Jia Feng (NHH): Physics A2 (from C6-D7);

Sheng Ze (BVSS): A. Math C6 (from F9);

Ryan (BPGH): Physics A2 (from C6);

Regine (NHH): Physics B3 (from C6);

Rachel (Deyi): A. Math A2 (from D7);


Although some of the above results are not spectacular, I know my own students and how much they have worked and how much they have improved and thus I’m very proud of them.




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