Heard O-Level (2015) Math Paper 2 was “easy”.

I smsed a few tutees about Math Paper 2, and the responses were:

  • “easier than paper 1”
  • “much better than p1 yay”
  • “got all correct except Q7b”
  • “finished in 1.5 hrs”

Okayyy, I get the message.  So all of you are going to get A1 for p2 but when combined with p1 you are going to get A2? Just joking. What is more certain is that since p2 is easy, the examiners will “find fault” with your answers in any way they can – presentation, d.p., sig fig, labelling on graphs, units, reasons for trigo etc.

Anyway, pls focus on A. Math tmr. Get some sleep.



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